Knife and Tool Care

Keeping your knife clean, dry, oiled and sharp are the primary defenses against corrosion, wear, and potential injury. And practicing proper care for your knife will extend the life of your Elk Ridge as well as increase its durability and reliability.

Keep your knife clean. Be sure to clean the blade and handle set after each use. A mild solution of soap and water should remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated during use (avoid harsh detergents such as laundry or dish soap, and chlorine products). It is best not to immerse your folding knife in water. To remove any debris from inside the handle you can use a toothpick for any visible lint or dirt, or a Q-Tip for smaller amounts of dirt and debris. Also, a can of compressed air is useful for completely clearing out any embedded dirt or lint. (Ensure that you follow any cautionary guidelines that the product recommends, because some compressed air canisters use an accelerant which might damage your knife's finish.)

Keep your knife dry. After cleaning or after exposure moisture be sure to completely dry your knife blade and handle, using a Q-tip to dry areas that are not easily accessible. Use a soft cotton cloth or chamois and a small amount of moisture-displacing oil (such as WD-40 or 3-in-1), on the blade only, to prevent water spots and oxidation from forming.

Keep your knife oiled. Fingerprints and weather are the primary causes of rusting or corrosion on a knife blade. To keep your knife looking its best we recommend that you give your blade a light coat of oil after each cleaning, and prior to long term storage (you may need to re-apply oil more frequently if you live in humid or marine environments). Be sure to also apply a Paraffin-based oil (such as Easy Lube, offered at Walmart, or Clean Ride, available at most bicycle shops) to the pivot point, which will not only keep the action of your blade smooth but will repel dirt and debris which could impede the blade's action.

Keep your knife sharp. A sharp knife is safer and easier to use than a dull one. If you are new to sharpening blades we recommend that you invest in a fixed-angle sharpening kit, so that you ensure a consistent grind from tip to base - we also recommend that you practice your sharpening skills on your kitchen cutlery first, before working on your Elk Ridge® knife. Elk Ridge® also offers factory sharpening services for free, and we would be happy to assist you with any sharpening needs you may have. Also check out the Elk Ridge® Sharpener for a quick refurbishing of the edge. (Please note that any damage to your blade caused by home-sharpening will not be covered under your warranty.)

Keep your knife sharp by using a sharpening stone. Hand wash with soapy water and dry thoroughly. Never store wet or in wet sheath.

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